Just Laws for a Righteous Nation


While I am not a lawyer, I perceive that many nations don’t have a core set of laws which are straightforward, concise and easy to read. Instead, they are many, convoluted and often based on the poor laws of other nations. Even lawyers have to specialize! Therefore, I endeavor here to write a basic set of laws which every God-fearing nation should have. They are free to read and free to use. God Bless! 

 Freedom of religion is a right, whereas no one may be forced into religious belief or practice. 

 Murder is unlawful. 

 Rape is unlawful. 

 Violence and torture are unlawful. The government may use force for incarceration or warfare or control of prisoners, but torture is always unlawful. 

 Theft is unlawful. 

 Criminal hoarding or extreme capitalism is unlawful. The taking over of all land, food and money by the government is also unlawful. 

 Extortion and fraud are unlawful. 

 Bribery and corruption are unlawful, especially in government. 

 Homosexual acts are unlawful; so is transsexual surgery. 

 Abortion is murder, always, and murder is unlawful. 

 Marriage is between one man and one woman. 

 Contraception is immoral and unlawful. Who are we to decide who should be born? 

 Incest is immoral. Parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, aunts and uncles and first cousins — all such intercourse and marriage is unlawful. 

 Prostitution, male or female, is unlawful. 

 Sexual relations between humans and animals is unlawful. 

 Public sexual acts and nakedness is unlawful. 

 Excessive taxation is unlawful, not more than 10% federal and 5% state, province or territory and 2% city or locality are lawful. 17% total is the maximum: this includes sales tax. Those living in dire poverty should be exempted from income tax, though sales tax is OK for these. 

 Slavery is unlawful. 

 Homelessness and poverty are never crimes; thus, oppression is unlawful. Feeding the poor is not a crime! 

 Agedness and youth are never crimes. 

 If prisoners can’t be feed and cared for, they must be released, not killed or neglected. Prisoners may not be abused, only controlled. They have their religious rights still. 

 Too many laws is unlawful. Can we remember them? Thousands or hundreds of pages of laws and regulation is unlawful. Banking and other industries can be judged on these laws, even systemic evils can be. 

 Riots may be controlled for the people’s safety, but killing and injuring rioters must be avoided. 

 Judges are necessary. Juries for high crimes are good for opposing systemic evil. Lawyers are unnecessary, unless the judge decides on a per case basis that the defendant can’t defend himself or herself. 

 One may not leave the nation to commit a crime or be guiltless for crimes committed while in-country. The same laws apply to citizens re-entering the country. 

 Citizenship is granted to all born in the country, all born while en-route this country, and anyone who marries a citizen. All parents and children of citizens may be granted citizenship by a judge. Once granted, citizenship may never be revoked for any reason: it is a natural right. 

 The border is policed by the government. Criminals fleeing into this country may be imprisoned or returned to the original country, if known, as decided by a judge. War may start upon border encroachment, but aliens or homeless, nationless persons may be granted assylum by the government or a judge. Mercy from tyrants! 

 Unreasonably long or excessive incarceration is to be avoided. The head-of-state may pardon prisoners. Oppression is, again, unlawful. This includes unreasonable or indiscriminate jailing. 30, 40 or more years is intolerable, except for serial killers. 

 It is unlawful for the nation or the government to borrow money from anyone or any nation. We must live within our God-given, natural means. Debt burdens the people. 

 Debts of debtors may not be laid upon family or descendants, except for homes or businesses, until paid or forgiven by a judge. Business is defined as an organization of people having the purpose of commerce. 

 Religious organizations themselves may not be taxed. Their personal incomes from the organization are taxable, however. 

 Businesses, as already defined, have a net income for taxation as that income which is not spent on wages. The net income may be taxed the same maximum amount that individual income is taxed. 

 The people are permitted to lightly spank their children, but abuse is punishable by the courts. 

 It is unlawful to abuse, purposefully starve or mistreat or neglect animals in our care. 

 There is no diplomatic immunity. Any diplomat may be either permanently sent home or punished by our courts. 

 The government shall not keep criminal records or tax records beyond one year maximum, nor require the people to keep such records. Perpetual punishment is evil. Monthly tax deposits by payers is only auditable within the year. 

 A crime is punishable for a maximum of seven years after commission. After 7 years, the person is not convictible. 

 A head-of-state who is guilty of high-crimes, such as mass slaughter, cruelties, indiscriminate or oppressive punishments upon the people must be removed by the national military, not a judge. Prison for that one! 

 Dangerous activity toward others is punishable by the courts. Dangerous flying, driving, etc. 

 Except during warfare, execution of persons is unlawful.